Our Services

Purchasing from Thrift and Consignment Shops:

Millennium International Textile, Inc. purchases wholesale clothing, used shoes and accessories; that are not sold in your retail operation. We are looking for shoes, handbags as well as clothing and bric-brac.  We are a well established recycler of textiles and have been in the business for over 20 years.  Our organization distributes the clothing and other items collected to third world countries such as Africa and Central America. We also buy large quantities of items that you may have donated but are unable to retail for whatever reason.  We have references available from many stores in Morris and other counties. *We schedule pick ups weekly, bi-weekly and monthly and for some stores 3x’s a week if needed.

Buy and Sell Merchandise:

Our company purchases a variety of items, including damaged, distressed, liquidation, and overstock, .


We are experts in the exportation of used clothing and shoes. We can partner with your organization or company to market any commodity you are producing or have in inventory. These products include but are not limited to; mixed institutional clothing, used shoes, graded used clothing, single shoes, hard and soft toys, housewares, bric brac, large children's items, books and new merchandise. We have marketing reach in countries such as Central America -Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras and Guatemala, Africa- Tanzania, Kenya, Mozambique, Cameroon, Angola, Europe- Italy, UK, Germany, Pakistan, India and UAE.

Consultation Services:

We serve as consultants to various for-profit and non-profit thrift organizations throughout the USA; providing on-site assistance to start, maintain or expand your wholesale operation or wholesale marketing division. We can train your staff, organize your warehouse or maximize your wholesale dollar depending on your needs.

Textile Recycling:
Earn revenue for your town while simultaneously earning State and county recycling credits by clothing recyling! Clothing Collection Boxes can be placed at the township or borough DPW facilities, Municipal Buildings, or other publicly accessible areas within the community.  Millennium will pick up the items, and reimburse the township, or township community programs for every pound collected.  The town will also be provided with the documentation to receive recycling credit from the county and state.