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Fundraising Partnership Program

Our goal is to partner with and generate revenue for community and non-profit organizations while
simultaneously recycling clothing and shoes to be distributed globally and locally, to those in need. 

We have established fundraising partnerships with Churches, Schools,
Community and Non– Profit Organizations, and Public Service Departments.

Non-Profit Organizations

Partner with us directly to earn revenue for your organization!

Clothing Drive Fundraiser:

Pick a date and time for the event and we would schedule our truck/driver to pickup either immediately after the event or another scheduled time.  The donations are brought back to our warehouse, weighed, and we send you a check! Successful clothing drives typically require low cost advertising, such as flyers placed around the community, but will promote your organization and collections will generate revenue!
Clothing Recycling Box:

Place an on-site clothing recycling box! Our company would recycle the clothing donations and your organization would receive direct revenue for the donations.  We are offering a monthly payment for each box.  It is a great opportunity to make a significant steady flow of revenue! 

Corporate Sponsors

Our fundraising partnership program provides opportunities to increase your philanthropic efforts and promote community involvement and teamwork within the company!  Partner with us to benefit the charitable organization of your choice! 

Clothing Drive Fundraiser:
Host a Clothing Drive!Coordinate a date and time for the event, or collect over a period of time and we will schedule our driver to pick up the donations.  The donations will be brought back to our warehouse, weighed, and we will send a check to the charity on behalf of your company! 
Clothing Recycling Box:
Make a continual monthly contribution by placing an on site Clothing Recycling box! This is a great opportunity to offer continual monthly support and unlimited fundraising potential!  We will pick up and recycle the clothing donations and your charity will be reimbursed for on behalf of your company.